Readings, Performance and Workshops.

Readings, Performances and Workshops.

Sue is also an accomplished performer and has facilitated poetry, journalism and short story workshops.

Sue’s performances include:

The Warrington Festival

The Liverpool Festival

Edinburgh Folk Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival (with the National Poetry Society)

The Bolton Festival

The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

The Wigan and Leigh Words Festival

St. Helens Dance Festival

St. Helens Festival

St. Helens College Poetry Fest

St. Helens Libraries

Grantham Civic Hall

Grantham Museum

Performance Shows

The Journey Continues… This is a narrative show which follows the lives of 10 young people from the age of 18 to 38. It tracks their loves and losses, triumphs and tragedies through poetry and specially choreographed movement routines. It combines poetry with movement, dance, music and audio visual backdrops. Running time one hour. This show is available for performance.

What the critics had to say:

“Throughout this short play Sue displays a keen eye for the subtleties of human relationships …We are soothed by Sue Gerrard’s calmly spoken narrative. Never intrusive, but as regular as a resting heartbeat.”

Choices This looks at the lives of three women and how their lives were irrevocably changed by Choices they made in their lives. It has a fascinating conclusion. Running time 20 minutes. Available for performance..

What the critics had to say: “ Sue vividly brings to life the unbridled optimism of falling in love.. Sue engages both the audiences’ sympathy and their empathy by presenting her characters with decisions that face almost every woman..”

Home. A specially commissioned and performed show for National Poetry Day but is suitable for performance at any time. It looks at what home means to us and has audience participation. Running time two hours. Available for performance..

A Haunting Experience/Tales by the Fireside : An evening of scares and thrills is guaranteed with this mixture of Sue’s poetry and short stories. Running time one hour. Available for performance..

Future Events:

Halow’en Ghost Stories – Fir Tree Farm, King’s Moss, 31st October 2013 at 6:30pm.


Sue has run a series of successful workshops in poetry and creative writing. She is also a journalist and runs successful workshops in this subject as well.

Workshops include:

Poetry Workshop The Citadel, St. Helens

Journalism Workshops , Wigan and Leigh Words Festival.

Sue is a regular judge of poetry ,journalism and short story competitions. She is the organiser and co judge of the St. Helens College Poetry Fest Competition and Performance Director of the St. Helens Poetry Fest Competition.


If you wish to book Sue for a performance, reading or workshop please ring 07931481001